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What is my HS Code?

Finding out how an FTA treats a particular product requires correct identification

In all free trade agreements, products are identified by a system known as the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. This is commonly known as the Harmonized System (HS).

The HS consists of around 5000 six-digit product categories. Typically, countries sub-divide these categories further to eight digits or more. This means that the first six digits of an HS code will be common for all countries, however the digits following this may not be the same in all countries even if your product is the same. Ultimately, it is the importing country customs authority that determines if a product is correctly classified and certified at the time it arrives at the border.

Not applicable to Services

HS Codes only relate to Goods, and are not relevant for Services

Changes to the HS codes

The FTA Portal currently shows 2012 HS codes, as agreed by Australia and its trading partners. However, 2017 HS codes are in the process of being updated for all FTAs and will be uploaded into the Portal as they are finalised by Australia and its trading partners. DFAT recommends that Portal users ascertain the HS codes being used by the country that they are seeking to import from or export to before making any business decisions.

If you wish to look up a 2017 HS code, please check the concordances on the Department of Home Affairs website.

How to find out the HS Code applicable to your product?

In addition to looking up products by keyword search, you can also browse by category. To switch search modes, select the browse categories tab in the orange searchbar.

Searching or browsing product names or descriptions through the Portal will reveal search results of possible matches. The search/browse results need to be reviewed carefully, since there are products with similar codes and descriptions, varying based on product characteristics and end uses.

In addition, you are able to consult the customs services of the relevant importing country and/or a customs broker:

Trade Action
Imports to Australia Search the Department of Home Affairs working tariff.
Exports to ASEAN Search the ASEAN Tariff Finder
Exports to Brunei Search the Royal Brunei Department of Foreign Affairs Customs Import Duties
Exports to Cambodia Search the Cambodia Customs Tariffs
Exports to Canada Search the Canada Border Services Agency Customs Tariff
Exports to Chile Search the Chilean National Customs Service Current Customs Tariff (Spanish only)
Exports to China Search the Chinese General Administration of Customs tariff database. (Chinese)
Exports to Indonesia Search the Indonesia Customs Tariffs
Exports to Japan Search the Japanese Customs Service tariff schedule.
Exports to Korea Search the Korean Customs Service tariff database.
Exports to Laos Search the Lao Import and Export Tariff Nomenclature 
Exports to Malaysia Search the Malaysia HS Explorer.
Exports to Myanmar Search the Myanmar Customs Tariffs
Exports to New Zealand Search the New Zealand Customs Service working tariff.
Exports to Philippines Search the Philippine Tariff Commission Tariff Book
Exports to Singapore Search the Singapore Trade Classification, Customs & Excise Duties
Exports to Thailand Search the Thai Customs Integrated Tariff
Exports to United States Search the United States International Trade Commission Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Exports to Vietnam Search the Vietnam Customs Tariff Database

Advance Rulings

If in doubt about the HS classification applicable to your goods, it is a good idea to seek an advance ruling.

This is formal advice from the partner country's customs service on the tariff classification of the goods intended for export, which provides greater certainty.

Trade Advance Ruling
Imports to Australia Seek tariff advice from the Department of Home Affairs.
Exports to Brunei Request from the Royal Customs and Excise Department
Exports to Cambodia Request from the General Department of Customs and Excise Cambodia
Exports to Canada Request from the Canada Border Services Agency
Exports to Chile Request from the Chilean National Customs Service (Spanish only)
Exports to China Request from the Chinese Customs Service.
Exports to Indonesia Request from Indonesian Customs and Excise
Exports to Japan Request from the Japanese Customs Service.
Exports to Korea Request from the Korean Customs Service
Exports to Laos Request from the Lao Department of Industry and Commerce
Exports to Malaysia Request from Royal Malaysian Customs Department
Exports to Myanmar Request from Myanmar Customs
Exports to New Zealand Request from the New Zealand Customs Service.
Exports to Philippines Request from the Philippines Tariff Commission
Exports to Singapore Request from Singapore Customs
Exports to Thailand Request from the Thai Customs Department
Exports to United States Request from the United States Customs and Border Protection
Exports to Vietnam Request from Vietnam Customs