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How to use this site


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Portal is a comprehensive resource for exporters and importers looking to explore the benefits of Australia's FTAs.


Free Trade Agreement benefit exporters and importers by reducing or eliminating tariffs (duties to be paid on traded goods), however the tariffs on display are not automatically applied to your shipment.

In order to qualify for trade under a FTA, your product will be assessed against Rules of Origin criteria, and you will need to complete the agreement-specific origin documentation to accompany your goods. If you want to benefit from FTAs, there are steps you or your customs agent or freight forwarder will need to undertake:

  1. Identify the 8-9 digits HS Code (Harmonized System Code - commonly known as the Product code) for your product/good.
  2. Determine whether your product benefits from tariff reductions from the base rate
  3. Assess whether your product meets the FTA’s Rules of Origin in order to qualify for the tariff reductions
  4. Obtain an agreement-specific origin document to accompany your exports during shipment

The FTA Portal will assist you to:

  1. Search for your product and obtain the product code (HS Code) relating to a specific agreement
  2. Obtain accurate information on the tariff rates for any of Australia’s FTA’s
  3. Be guided on your eligibility for tariff rate reductions under a specific FTA, via the Rules of Origin questionnaire
  4. Find out how to obtain certification through an authorised certifying body or how to self-certify.


Free Trade Agreements also apply to the trade in services between partner countries. The benefits to Service providers are not tariff based (as they are with goods). Instead the benefits focus on the commitments between countries to liberalise the restrictions around market access and foreign investment, by;

  • providing new or improved access to foreign markets for cross border supply
  • guaranteeing existing services access in some areas
  • reducing regulatory barriers in different service sectors,
  • improving mobility for business travel through new visas, waivers and extensions.
  • clarifying the recognition of professional qualifications, certification and licensing
  • negotiating improved outcomes for foreign equity and investment

The FTA Portal will assist you to:

  1. Search for your service relating to a specific agreement
  2. Obtain information about Cross-border supply
  3. Obtain information about Commercial presences
  4. Obtain information about Working in country (movement of natural persons)
  5. Obtain Further information about your service

Additionally, the FTA Portal provides:

  • Import market data relating to your product
  • First time exporter/importer information to get started
  • General information relating to each of the agreements
  • Services and investment information
  • Contact information
  • Video case studies
  • Developer Application Programming Interface (API) for using the FTA data displayed on the site